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Kavindu is a dreamer who is determined to make his dream a reality. He dreams of creating new ways to change the way of living through innovation and advancement. He is a perfectionist. His passion for his career makes him an innovative Software Developer as well as a creative graphic designer.

Moreover, he believes in empowerment and team building. Remarkable success in various projects headed by him as the project lead reflects his wonderful qualities as a good leader and a team player. Also, his skills in business/client negotiation, product demonstration, and team management have been well appreciated and appraised by his supervisors and peers.

Besides his professional commitment, he is also a music lover and a sportsman.

“Do something to make a difference” inspired his lifestyle and his accomplishments to date.

Technical Project Manager

When Kavindu started his career as an Engineer, his only focus was to move up on the technical area. But after getting an opportunity to lead an Engineering team while keeping contact with the client, he had realized that he has the capability to make sure a project runs smoothly. For the last 3 years, Kavindu has been improving his skills in Project Management and he has recently qualified as a Certified ScrumMaster® to improve his skills in team management.

Public Speaker

Kavindu is a well-known speaker in the community in delivering technical/non-technical presentations, speeches, and trainings. Kavindu is also a skilled and champion public speaker in the Toastmasters fraternity.

Software Developer

With 6 years of industry, experience starting as an Intern, Kavindu’s main focus in Software Development is Web/Mobile application development. Kavindu has designed and delivered over 20 applications to clients and the most recent web-based application he developed is currently used by over 200,000 active users worldwide.

Social Worker

From a very early age, Kavindu has lean towards volunteering and helping others because he always believes in equality. During his university days, Kavindu had actively involved in several volunteer organizations and helped underprivileged children in Sri Lanka, achieving their educational goals.


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